universities in Zhuhai China

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universities in Zhuhai China


Zhuhai is a picturesque city located off the Southern coast of Guangdong. This “Garden City” was one of the original Special Economic Zones with high intentions for it to become a key port city and a regional hub for transportation. This scenic city has 146 islands and is considered a Premier Tourist Destination in China. Zhuhai has a favorable subtropical climate. Every year millions of tourists, both local and international, flock to Zhuhai to witness its natural beauty. Zhuhai was also the first city in China to have constructed a motor racing unit, and is proud of being a host of the 2010 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. Located in this beautiful city are a number of Educational institutions of higher learning, with many reputable universities setting establishing campuses there.


Sun Yat-sen University, also known as Zhongshan University, is a phenomenal school. This university has invested millions into developing a high standard of education and aims to become a “world-class university and global center of learning”. It currently has 3,347 international students enrolled.. Sun Yat-Sen University has developed cooperative relationships with over 150 schools from numerous nations. This university can be considered a pioneer of advanced learning in China and has many achievements to its name, including having the fastest supercomputer in the world, Tianhe-2. This astonishing institution is located on four campuses in three cities.

The most recent campus is the Zhuhai campus. It’s the biggest of all four and has a variety of schools and departments from various disciplines. It is proud of having the largest teaching building in Asia.


Zhuhai is also home to a number of other respectable universities and colleges, these are:


·         Jinan University, Zhuhai Campus

·         Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai Campus

·         Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus

·         Beijing University Education and Science Park, Zhuhai Campus

·         Tsinghua (Zhuhai) Science Park

·         Harbin Institute of Technology, Technological Innovation Beach

·         Jilin University Software College

·         Zunyi Medical College, Zhuhai Campus

·         Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology, Zhuhai Campus

·         United International College                                                                      

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