Normal universities In China

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Normal universities In China

“Normal university” or “Normal School” refers to a school that trains teachers,solely for the elementary grades. Or in other terms a college, school or institute (usually only two years) established for preparingstudents to become school teachers who could then teach up through the eighth grade.

In China these are institutes of higher education at which the teachers from this country receive training. Many of these “normal Universities” are famous research Centres.

Normal Universities in China: - Top 10


#10 Anhui Normal University

Founded in 1928, certainly makes this institute one of the oldest. The university spans across 230 hectors and has 16 colleges that offer seven doctorate programs, 71 masters programs and 66 undergraduate programs. The staff and student body are mighty in number. The school has foreign students from 40 countries undertaking short term and long term courses. Since its establishment and first year of graduates more than 200 000 students have graduated from here


#9 Shanghai Normal University

This university was established in 1954 and possesses two campuses covering an area of 167, 67hectors. This comprehensive university offers teachers training and other modules.  The university stand stall and boast its large student body and multiple academic programs which entails of several doctorate, masters and undergraduate programs


#8 Shaanxi Normal University

A key university in higher education. Established in 1944 alocated in Xi’an. This magnificent campus spans across 180 hectors. The university has 21 colleges that covers undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs. To date the university has trained 130 000 students


#7 Hunan Normal University

Founded in 1938 and encompassed in a great historicalbackground. Theschool has a magnificent staff and student body and has established cooperative relations with 80 overseas countries


#6 South China Normal University

Established in 1933 and stand proud in being an elite comprehensive institute that has strong international cooperative relations and has delivered its services with passion.


#5 Nanjing Normal University

Existing for more than 110 years, the school stands solid and has established 3 campuses that is home to numerous doctorate, masters and underrateprograms. The school has good cooperative relations with 144 universities across 28 countries.


#4 Northeast Normal University

Located in Changchun in the province of Jilin, this institute was established in 1946. To date the school comprises of 22 schools and multiple programs in doctorate, masters and undergraduate studies.


#3 Central China Normal University

This is an important teacher training institute and covers 67 hectors. It is located in Wuhan and trains teachers for all schools and specialist in other fields.


#2 Beijing Normal University

The school places all emphasis on teacher training. The school is mighty and so is its staff and student body. if we go further , the schlep blows its own trumpet as it has establish cooperative agreements with 300 universities in more than 30 reigns and has student exchange programs such as US, UK , Japan , South Korea and Canada .

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