Stars of this Autumn—The 2016 Golden Autumn Festival

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Stars of this Autumn—The 2016 Golden Autumn Festival

 China’s universities have always been very welcoming and friendly. Most universities like Hebei North University, Shenyang Medical College, Wuhan University etc. are very popular among international students. Not because they are one of the most beautiful and top universities in China but also because of its community and comfortable environment.

The 12th luojia autumn international cultural festival is held on November 19. Overseas students from different countries showcase their country’s culture and totally immerse themselves in this cultural feast.


The Golden Autumn Festival of Wuhan University, also called the Luojia Autumn Festival, was founded in 1987. As one of the most famous school-wide large-scale cultural activities in WHU, the Golden Autumn Festival was founded to build a harmonious campus and improve students' sense of unity through artistic and spiritual expression. It includes several sections: costumed acting competition, campus drama competition, chorus competition, debate, dance competition, campus original art works and so on. In November 2016, the WHU Luojia Autumn Festival was held for the 28th time. Every Golden Autumn Festival encompasses the strongest display of strength in literature and art by every department of WHU, showcasing the school’s literary power.


The costume competition 

 DouKou from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

The White Night from the School of Journalism and Communication

Desolation Row from the School of Law  


The dance competition

Runner-up, the School of Electric Engineering is acting as the navy conveying the spirit of fighting and patriotism

Third winner, the School of Law is delivering a show based on the historical story Warriors of the Rainbow


The chorus competition


The moment the conductor waved his baton, everyone singer was brought together and focused onto a single melody

The College of Life Sciences, as the winner, is delivering a consummate and enjoyable performance

 Second place winner, the Economics and Management School is delivering an inspiring show



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