Universities in Jinan

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Universities in Jinan

Jinan formerly known as Tsinan due to it being Romanised is the capital of the province Shandong. It is vital in the history of China as it was a region of early civilization. Currently it is a major administrative hub. It may also be referred to as “Spring City” for its 72 artesian springs. Residents have traditionally spoken Jinan dialect of mandarin, though younger generations speak standard mandarin. Jinan is known for its own unique cuisine and the city may even be considered as shopper’s paradise. The health care faculty and transport as well as infrastructure broadly are advanced, efficient and easily accessible. The city is home to various inspiring and capturing attractions such as museums, lakes, springs and libraries.

Education remained one of the focuses of this thriving city.  Around Jinan there are numerous schools such as:

·         Shandong university

·         Shandong normal University

·         Shandong University of Finance and Economics

·         University of Jinan

·         Shandong Jianzhu University

·         Qilu University of Technology

·         Shandong Jiaotong University

·         Shandong Polytechnic

·         Shandong Sport University

·         Shandong University of Arts and Design

·         Shandong Women’s University 

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