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Guangzhou China universities

Guangzhou, customarily Romanized as Canton, is the capital city and the most populated city of the province of Guangdong in south ofChina. It is situated on the Pearl River, about 120 km northwest of Hong Kong and about 145 km north of Macau. Guangzhou has a historical past of over 2200 years and was a significant terminus of the sea-loving Silk Road and continues to function as a significant port and transportation hub even today.


Guangzhou is presently, the third most-populated city in mainlandChina, behind Shanghai and Beijing and is one ofChina's five Nationwide Central Cities. In 2015 the city's management area was approximated to have a human population of 13,501,100 and forms part of one of the most populous metropolitan cities on this Earth. In recent years, there have been a fast increasing number of international residents and illegal migrants from Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and even from Africa. This has led to it being referred to as the "Capital of the Third World". The migrant inhabitant from other regions ofChinain Guangzhou was 40% of the city's total inhabitants in 2008.


Previously the only Chinese dock accessible to international traders, the city fell to theUnited Kingdomin the course of the First Opium War. No longer experiencing a monopoly after the war, it displaced its trade reputation to other ports such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, but carried on to serve as a significant entrepôt. In present day business, Guangzhou is best known for its yearly Canton Fair, the oldest and largest trade fair inChina. For the three successive years 2013–2015, Forbes graded Guangzhou as the best business oriented city inChina.

The following are the Universities that can be found in Guangzhou:

l  Foshan University

l  Guang Dong Polytechnic  College

l  Guangdong Baiyun University

l  Guangdong Medical University

l  Guangdong Ocean University

l  Guangdong Peizheng College

l  Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

l  Guangdong Polytechnic Normal  University

l  Guangdong University of Education

l  Guangdong University of Finance

l  Guangdong University of Finance and Economics

l  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

l  Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology

l  Guangdong University of Science and Technology

l  Guangdong University of Technology

l  Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

l  Guangzhou College of Commerce

l  Guangzhou Maritime Institute

l  Guangzhou Medical University

l  Guangzhou Sport University

l  Guangzhou University

l  Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

l  Hanshan Normal University

l  Huizhou University

l  Jiaying University

l  Jinan University

l  Lingnan Normal University

l  Neusoft Institute, Guangdong

l  Shantou University

l  Shaoguan University

l  Shenzhen University

l  South China Agricultural University

l  South China Normal  University

l  South China University of Technology

l  South University of Science and Technology ofChina

l  Southern Medical University

l  Sun Yat-Sen University

l  United International College

l  Wuyi University

l  Xinghai Conservatory of Music

l  Zhaoqing University

l  Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering

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