International Students Health Walk Held in ZHANGJIAKOU City(Hebei North University)

International Students Health Walk Held in ZHANGJIAKOU City(Hebei North University)


A health walk was organized by the International students union of the Hebei North University located in Zhangjiakou city(Hebei province) on the 19th October 2019.

The Students from all parts of the world studying in The University as well Chinese students and other Individuals also gathered at the South gate of the West campus of the University where they embarked on the walk from the west gate of the school through to different parts of the city and finally arrived at the Beijing 2022 Olympic park which was the final destination for walk.

The Health walk which was Led by the Director for International students Mr Zhang was an exciting event, at the arrival at the park, the students together with the Director did some warm up exercises, after which the Director gave a speech on the essence of regular exercise and the need for students to be active in their daily activities.

Some Fun games where held at the park such as Thug of peace, eating competition, musical chairs , basketball etc. The students competed among themselves and the basketball game between the Chinese student basketball team and the Hebei North International student team ended with the International student team coming out victorious.

The event was climaxed with Refreshments, Photoshoot sessions, an award ceremony and finally a vote of thanks speech from the Head of Sports and Arts Louisa Kissi.

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