Cheap Universities in China for International Students

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Cheap Universities in China for International Students

Cheap Universities in China for International Students

As the strength of education rises in the world, so does the costs. Every student has the dream to initiate their next chapter in life, i.e. the higher education abroad. After all, getting a higher education abroad is a great accomplishment. However, very few are in luck to turn that dream into reality. But what if you could erase the ‘high costs’ factor and find an ideal destination abroad where you could pursue your degree and benefit from low tuition and overall low living costs?  China is the definitely the answer to this dilemma.

As China has been investing greatly in education over the last years and due to numerous partnerships China has with universities from UK and U.S., it is no wonder the number of international students is on the rise. To make studying in China even more attractive, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to many countries worldwide and tuition fees are affordable. Therefore, you can find an affordable study experience while also getting a great education. So crunch the numbers and expand your search!

1) Beihang University:

        Situated in Beijing, it is one of the best affordable universities in China. It is a public university and was established in 1952. The university specializes greatly in fields of technical, engineering and communications and has been ranked as the best university in China. There are 12,523 undergraduate students and 10,282 postgraduate students studying here. A large number of different subjects are taught here by world’s best teachers.

Tuition fee:

 25,000 - 30,000 RMB per year for Undergraduate courses

 30,000 - 35,000 RMB per year for Postgraduate courses

2) Capital Normal University:

      Another one of the cheapest universities in Beijing, It was established in 1954 as a public sector university. The number of students studying different programs here are 27,940. The quality of education given is best. The university has a large number of professional courses. Capital Normal University comprises of 17 different departments and colleges. 

Tuition fee:

23,600 RMB - 29,000 RMB per year for Undergraduate courses

27,600 RMB - 32,000 RMB per year for Postgraduate courses



3) Tongji University:

Tongji University is one of the best universities present in Shanghai. It was established in 1907 as a public sector university, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are about 30 thousand students studying various subjects over here. It is offering the leading courses that have been designed professionally.

Tuition fee:

20,000 RMB – 35,000 RMB per year for Undergraduate courses

22,960 RMB – 32,800 RMB per year for Postgraduate courses

4) Southeast University:

Located in Nanjing and established in 1902, this university is public and is offering a large number of programs. There are 43,643 students studying here. The courses available are present both in Chinese and English language.

Tuition fee:

16,000 RMB – 30,600 RMB per year for Undergraduate courses

23,000 RMB – 35,000 RMB per year for Postgraduate courses

5) Hunan University:

One of the oldest universities in China, Hunan University is the Chinese traditional signature of education, offering the best and affordable courses. It was established in 976 and currently there are about 46 thousand students studying here.

Tuition fee:

15,000 RMB – 17,000 RMB per year for Undergraduate courses

17,000 RMB – 21,000 RMB per year for Graduate courses





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