) Universities in China offering masters in public health

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) Universities in China offering masters in public health

What is public health?

     Public health is the study of ensuring the good health of people and preventing any threats that arise by issuing a series of activities and public awareness involving tackling with factors on a large scale that could have an impact on the health of many people. Even though medicine and nursing come to the rescue for reaching out when falling ill, work in public health contributes to reducing the causes of ill-health and improving people's health and wellbeing.

     This particular course provides an approach of highlighting responsibilities for health, its protection and disease prevention as well as understanding the major role of the state, when linked to a concern for the concealed socio-economic and wider issues of health.

The major areas that are stressed on when studying public health are:

1) Health improvement

This particular zone highly researches on the factors affecting the inequalities in today’s society as well as the degree of education attained by the people and other important elements such as housing, employment and lifestyles.

2) Improving services

This characteristic conventionally explains the widespread improvement of clinical effectiveness as well as evaluating and planning the service to its best

3) Health protection

This component majorly focuses on preventing ill-health and extending life expectancy through the organized efforts of society by the thorough monitoring of hazards that include infectious diseases, chemicals and radiations, followed by the environmental health dangers.




So why study Public health in China?

With China emerging as one of the key hubs in medicinal and public awareness field, the leader of economy provides qualified institutions to ensure the general health of the whole world as a unified community and continually stressing on promoting the public health practice locally, as well as internationally.

Top universities offering masters in public health include:

1) Southeast University - Nanjing

Located in one of the most developed provinces in China, the school of Public Health, SEU serves as an experienced international education institute, providing postgraduate programs for international students over the years. Most of the faculties are extraordinarily trained in prestigious universities. The faculty from School of Public Health, SEU, is affiliated with the local government environmental protection departments and centers for disease control and prevention across the whole country.

2) Tsinghua University - Beijing

Situated in the capital, The International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program at Tsinghua University offers a variety of proficiencies and partnerships likewise, committed to bring a new generation of mentors to the world.

3) Peking University – Beijing

Set up in 1950, The School of Public Health has grown from an office of fewer than ten staff members to a leading public health school in China over the 60 years boasting 167 faculty members, 960 students among which 254 are master’s degree students.

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