Accommodation at China University

Accommodation at China University

The student accommodation at our China Campus comprises safe, secure and comfortable student accommodation on campus. Accommodation fees include furnished accommodation, housekeeping services (at set intervals), access to the gymnasium and wireless internet throughout the student accommodation. Fees do not include meal services, laundry or other expenses of a personal nature. There is a free WIFI in each room and two persons in a room. Also the hostel has a kitchen for the students to be cooking there and a laundry.

There is one in a room service and this comes with different fees as two persons in a room.  We have gym and canteen for the students.

Rules and Regulation

· All students are not allowed to play music at high volume .

· Students must register at the potters before entry the school’s hostel.

· All visitors from outside campus or the school must register at the potters with the student they are visiting.

· All students must keep the kitchen and the laundry clean.

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