China Universities for International Students

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China Universities for International Students

As the years have passed by, China has undergone many modifications in every domain including education. Today, this global pioneer has unbarred its doors to the rest of the world, with promising successful results in every scope possible, be it tourism, business associations and education.

According to statistics, around 442,773 international candidates have enrolled in the vast country as of 2016, overtaking the United Kingdom and rising by 11% since 2015. With such satisfactory results, China continually proves the worth of its quality of education.

So how does it feel to be an international student in China?

Residing in China as an international student isn’t any disappointing but an unforgettable and enormously perquisite experience. Not only will you be able to surround yourself in China's historic alteration from an underdeveloped country into a booming power, but you’ll be privileged with the interaction of diverse cultures from around the world.

However, the major dilemma that remains in many applicants studying abroad is the language and cuisine. However, that isn’t much of a problem when thinking about studying in China. The official language of China is called Putonghua, or what is widely known as Mandarin. Nevertheless, the Chinese language is often known to be one of the world’s most difficult languages to master in pronunciation as well as reading and writing characters. In spite of that, Chinese grammar is extensively known to be widely straightforward. Therefore, if you find yourself in China with none of the Chinese skills, it is certain that you’d find yourself catching up with the common phrases, if not the language, in no time!

And it is no surprise that in such a vast country the range of cuisines would vary in different cities and provinces, along with differing from the one in your native place. However, there is nothing to be disappointed for as the international food is also out for serving. For those who devour Japanese and Korean cuisine, such restaurants are also prominently available in China, and so are the Western fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's.

When it comes to accommodation, most Chinese universities provide for very satisfying and comfortable dormitories which usually includes private bathrooms, along with recreation facilities such as TV, Internet access and the necessities such as washing machine, refrigerators and even a small kitchen. Those looking out to live off campus can also avail one with affordable rates.
 Most prominent universities in China enrolling the largest amount of international students:

  • Beijing University of Chinese      Medicine - (Beijing)

  • Peking University - (Beijing)

  • Tsinghua University - (Beijing)

  • Chengdu University - (Chengdu)

  • Chongqing University - (Chongqing)

  • South West University - (Chongqing)

  • Dalian Polytechnic University - (Dalian)

  • Fudan University - (Shanghai)

  • Jilin University - (Changchun)

  • Liaoning University - (Shenyang)

  • South China Normal University - (Guangzhou)

  • Tianjin University of Science      and Technology - (Tianjin)

  • Tianjin University of Technology - (Tianjin)

  • Xiamen University - (Xiamen)

  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University - (Hangzhou)

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