Best Economics masters program in china

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Best Economics masters program in china

Zhejiang University - A Masters of Economics program  that allows prospective economics graduates to add to the academic and professional credentials .Zhejiang University, College of Electrical Engineering in China strive to prepare Master of Economics students for jobs, financial administration, consulting, entrepreneurship, policy and much more. University students of Master of Economics will have the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced professors as well as a diverse class group not ony from CHina but all over the world.Concentration on delivering an excellent teaching program has been made a priority. A high-level, comprehensive theory and practical course designed around the three fundimental concepts of Economics being, micro-economics,macro-economics and econometrics provide the students with outstanding knowledge for the working environment.Research and innovation are highly rewarded and encouraged. This university is a leading institution in the upliftment of young minds and promotes the integration of graduate cultivation and scientific research. The college encourages students to get involved in research activities, this provides a constructive study environment in which students are exposed to new and exciting material which they can use to grow in their careers and to point out students who are innovation orientated.After qualifying from Zhejiang University the prospect of our graduates obtaining employment exceed 95% anually. On top of that more than 50% of our graduates obtain positions in high-level institutes. This is due to our numerous awards in research and presigous education standards.

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