phd admission in china universities

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phd admission in china universities

Obtaining a doctoral degree in any Chinese university enjoys recognition and accreditation across all corners of the globe. The degrees that are listed with leading word organisations helps doctoral candidates find employment easily and as of immediate effect. Earning such a degree gives the holder a high status of being an expert on the respective field of study. However, obtaining such a high status means hard work and determination, as well as meeting allthe admission requirements for the program one wishes to study in.

Requirements for doctoral programs can be summerised as one having obtained a masters degree in excellent fashion, but there is more to it than that.

PhD admission requirements :

1.       Candidates should be between the ages of 18 and 40.

2.       Candidates should hold a masters degree or equivalent that meets the university's criteria.

3.       Original or certified copies of certificates of graduation should be submitted.

4.       Official transcripts  of the academic qualification from the most recent school or college stating the course or field of study.

5.       A detailed personal statement of 500-1000 words stating personal qualities, interests, educational background, purpose of choosing China as a study destination, and future academic and career plans.

6.       Two letters of recommendation are required. These letters should be drafted by Professors for people of relevent academic knowledge. At least one of these indiviuals should be knowledgible of the applicants recent work.

7.       A copy of your proficiency in Chinese language should be provided by submitting your HSK test score. A level 6 or above is required for science subjects, while a level of 8 or above is mandatory for subjects of humanities. Furthermore, a level of 9 or above is essential for applying for subjects of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

8.       Studentswho do no possess the neccessary Chinese proficiency can complete a full-time one year chinese course.

9.       Courses that use English as their medium of instruction require the applicants to provide English proficiency test score, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

10.   Bank’s solvency certificate.

11.   A photocopy of your valid passport.

12.   5 copies of passport size photographs.

13.   Medical certificate.


Application Procedure :

1.       Applicants can fill in the online application on the respective university websites, or students can send a request for the application material or alternatively students can download an application form and fill it in normally.

2.       All neccessary documentation should be gathered and submitted with the application form.

3.       Applications are only accepted with an application fee that ranges between RMB 330 -770. This money should be paid in local Chinese currency and is to be attached to the application form.

4.       Students should submit their applications before the deadline dates which are late July and late January for fall and spring intake respectively. One should take precaution and contact the respective university because of the drastic fluxuation of the deadline dates.

5.       Applications areto be sent before the closing dates. After that it takes six to eight months for applications to be processed. The results will then be posted online or e-mailed to the successful/failed candidate.

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