Top 10 China Universities

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Top 10 China Universities

Top 10 China Universities

For the past 30 years, China evolved into a fastest growing economy, averaging to GDP of 9.79.  Such figures only show the worth of the developing pace as well as the quality of education that lies within. Acquiring the position of being among the world’s populated country’s list and third position among the world’s largest country’s list, China has developed into the largest destination for students searching for overseas studies in Asia. The country not only holds the oldest history in standing but aims at providing nothing less than quality education to all.

Boasting with 1.4 billion speakers worldwide, Chinese has become the highly favored language. With China’s increasing role in the world market, the official language of China, Mandarin has become the widely spoken language among the business field. Chinese universities attract many international students for their high quality teaching and offer various scholarships.

According to statistics, about 210,000, or 47% of international students accounted for in China for academic degrees. Among them, medicine, engineering, economics and management were the most sought-out degrees. China provides for a magnificent educational background with a high literacy rate of about 94%, therefore providing for an ideal life style with educational environment for its students. China has also sealed its ranking for holding the world’s top university lists which are globally recognized and still striving hard to make its education system competitive and satisfactory.

If that isn’t reasonable enough, then here’s another one. For those looking up more into the landscapist preferences and in depth perspectives, studying in China will not only present you with an apprehension into Chinese culture, but also make flair you with its cultural differences and similarities. Further, with the varying climates in different parts of the country, China will best create a serene psychological mindset which will provide for the studying beyond knowledge. As far as campus life goes, with the interactive experiences through group excursions and activities likewise, one will gain insight knowledge, with a reward of marvelous travel experience.

What’s more, with gaining the in depth knowledge of Mandarin, one can develop a strong bond with China, which further enhances your settlement as well as employability in China and when it comes to safety, China has strongly heightened it’s efforts in the safety and security of the public, which has been successful to the point that knowing of a crime being committed is rare.


Top 10 Universities in China:

· Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

· Xiamen University

· Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

· Peking University

· Tsinghua University

· Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

· Yunnan University

· South-West University

· Jilin University

· Fudan University 

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