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Computer Science Best Universities

A comprehensive and concise list of some of the very best universities in China that offer computer science .

Top Universities for a Major in Computer Science

Ø  Tsinghua University

Ø  Peking University


Ø  Sichuan Universities

Ø  Universities of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Ø  Southwest Jiaotong University

Ø  Chengdu University

Ø  Southwest University of Science and Technology


Ø  Tsinghua University

Ø  University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ø  Renmin University of China

Ø  Beihang University

Ø  University of Science and Technology Beijing

Ø  Beijing Jiaotong University

Ø  Beijing University of posts and telecommunications

Ø  Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Ø  Peking University

Ø  Beijing Forestry University

Ø  North China Electric Power University

Ø  Beijing University of Technology

Ø  Capital Normal University

Ø  North China University of Technology


Ø  Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Ø  Tongji University

Ø  Shanghai Dianji University


Ø  Nankai University

Ø  Tianjin University of Technology

Ø  Tianjin University

Ø  Tianjin University of Finance and Technology

Ø  Civil Aviation University of China



Ø  University of Science and Technology of China

Ø  Anhui University

Ø  Hefei University

Ø  Hefei university of Technology


Ø  Yanshan University

Ø  Hebei University


Ø  Northeastern University

Ø  Liaoning Normal University

Ø  Dalian Polytechnic University

Ø  Dalian Nationalities University

Ø  Liaoning Technical University

Ø  Shenyang Aerospace University 

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