Notice of merger of several famous universities

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Notice of merger of several famous universities

Former medical universities merged with nonmedical to form fully comprehensive universities. These new mergers contributed greatly to the the development of medical science.

The former West China University of Medical Science a prestigious School of medicine which had offered courses in Stomatology, Biomedicine, basic medicine and Clinical medicine enjoyed its reputaion abroad. It had merged with Sichuan University(established in 1896) in 2000. Now the former West China University of medical Science is a campus on Sichuan University known as West China Center of Medical Sciences, SCU. Even until today it Stands as one of the best medical Schools in China and had a respected reputation abroad.


The school named after the famous Canadian Thoracic surgeon, Norman Bethune who through selfless devotion and tireless effort set up and established the former Norman Buthune University of Medical Science in 1939. Norman Bethune College of Medicine of Jilin University is a result of the merger of the former Norman Bethune University of Medical Science and the Jilin University in 2000. After the merger with Jilin University  there has been much emphasis put into the develpment of Medical Education and there has been continuous involvement in the development of the medical field from the college.


Tongji Medical University is one of the medical schools under the ministry of public health. Founded in 1907 as a German Medical School was later named Medical College of National Tongji University in 1927. After being moved from Shanghai to Wuhan in 1951 the university emerged with Medical College of Wuhan University. The 1996 the Pulic health ministry and Hubei Province decided to construct Tongji Medical University together. In 2000, It merged with Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a campus called Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


Shanghai Medical University was established in 1927 was the first state-run medical school at the time. Due to the universities to top faculty and professors as a result if Chinas optimazation in their education systen the merger of Fudan University and Shanghai Medical university occured in 2000. In July 2001 the Shanghai Medical University was established. Today, the College has twenty national key disciplines, one national key laboratory, and eight key disciplines to be further constructed in Project 211, nine key laboratories under the supervision of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Health, two municipal key disciplines and eight Shanghai Clinic Medical Centers.

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