India VS China universities

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India VS China universities

India and China are very similar countries in many ways. They both have very high populations, relatively large land sizes, and both have developed rapidly within the past few years especially in the education sector and as such have become a popular destination for International students’ worldwide.

China has so many renowned universities and colleges, in all the various fields, from medicine to history and astronomy to engineering. The Chinese system provides so many opportunities for students to learn and explore their beautiful culture

With their low cost of living and inexpensive tuition fees due to government sponsorships, China has grown to be a powerhouse and an established destination for studying abroad.

According to the Asian University Rankings, Chinese universities are ranked highly on the list, with Peking University leading in China as the 4th place school, Tsinghua 6th place, Fudan 24th place and the University of Science and Technology occupying the 24th place.

India is also very much an exciting study abroad destination for international students. Even though it isn’t as highly marketed as China is, it has many renowned schools especially in the technology fields and the engineering fields.

On the average however, students who will study in china will pay a lower tuition fee than in India.


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