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Universities in Beijing

Formerly known as Peking is the capital of China. The city comprises of modern and traditional architecture. The city remains rich in history yet modernised. The city holds incredible global influence in business, politics, economy, education, culture, sports and fashion. Beijing is home to many tourist sites which remain an integral part of Beijing three millennia old history. The city has attributes that it can blow its own trumpet, yet it hides modestly behind its welcoming nature. Beijing feels like home for not only the natives but also for those who tread on the streets of Beijing.

Beijing is not of city of small town feel or small talk, but if you’re enthusiastic about studying in a location that has enough international career opportunities, this dynamic metropolis is suitable for you!

Beijing is home to two of the World’s Top 50 universities and several other popular institutes. In the QS ranking, China entries were the famous Tsinghua University – ranked 25th and Peking University ranked 41st.

Featuring also within the world’s top 500 is the city’s very own Beijing Normal University,BeihangUniversity, And Renmin university of China.

Beijing is home to at least 70 institutes of higher education. These institutes are either public or affiliated.

Some of these institutes are:

·         China university of Geoscience

·         Beijing Broadcasting Institute

·         Beijing Forestry University

·         Beijing Jiaotong University

·         Beijing Language and Culture University

·         Beijing Normal University

·         Beijing University of Chemical Technology

·         Beijing City Institute

·         Beijing Geely University

·         Beijing International Chinese College

·         China College of Music

·         Capital University of Medical Sciences

·         Capital University of Economics and Business

·         Beijing University of Technology

·         Beijing University of Agriculture

·         Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

·         Beijing Union University

·         Beijing Materials University

·         Beijing International Studies University

·         Beijing Film Academy

·         Beijing Dance Academy

·         China Women’s University

·         China Youth University for Political Sciences

·         Chinese People Public Security University 

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