Universities in Jilin

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Universities in Jilin

Jilin is one of the three provinces situated in the north east of China. The capital of Jilin is Changchun. Natives of Jilin speak the languages and dialects of Northeaster Mandarin and Hamgyong Korean. In infrastructure Jilin is rich and advanced with having various airports and excellent railways networks.

Jilin takes pride in the field of education and never compromises on the quality and standard of the education delivered.

Universities inJilin:

·       Jilin University

·       Northeast Normal University

·       Baicheng Normal University

·       Jilin Normal University

·       Changchun University of Science and Technology

·       Yanbian University

·       Northeast Dianli University

·       Changchun Normal University

·       Tonghua Normal University

·       Changchun University

·       Jilin Medical University

·       Jilin Agriculture University

·       Changchun University of Technology

·       Changchun Taxation College

·       Yanbian University of science and technology

·       Beihua University

·       Changchun Institute of Post and Telecommunications

·       Jilin College of Electrification


Of these aforementioned universities, some tend to stand out these are:

·       Jilin University: Established in 1946 and is located in the capital of Jain which is Changchun. it is recognised by the Department of Education of Jilin Province and stands among one of the large coeducation institutes

·       Changchun University of Technology: this institute of technology was founded in 1952 and has a student body of 15000 to 20 000. international students are welcomed to apply for enrolment

·       Jilin Agriculture University: an institute of higher education established in 1948 gladly welcomes international students to join its student body. The institute provides several excellent academic facilities to its students.

·         Baicheng Normal University: officially accredited by the Department of education of Jilin Province, the school began its journey to delivering education in the year 1958. The university is medium sized and coeducation and offers exceptional programs, services and facilities to all its students.

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