Best Universities to Study Finance

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Best Universities to Study Finance

When pursuing a Master’s Degree in any field, one has many factors to consider. The tuition cost, duration of study, quality of education and cost of living all affect your choice of Universities. More often than not, people shy away from pursuing their dreams due to the high cost of advanced education.

In China the cost of advanced Education is highly subsidized by the government leading to impressively low tuition fees when compared to colleges from other nations. Although the cost of tuition might be low, the standard of education is not. Many Chinese colleges and universities offer Programs that are on par with other institutions worldwide. The schools are well equipped with necessary facilities and professional staff in order to facilitate these courses. The certification acquired is also recognized internationally. Numerous graduates of Finance Master’s Programs in China go on to work in Real-estate finance, Investment banking, Private Wealth Management, Consulting, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services.

China contains many reputable schools in the Finance field. Wuhan University is an example of this, containing an outstanding number of 1577 international students, it is definitely a popular choice. When speaking of good universities, Peking University, hardly ever goes unmentioned. It is the “most internationalized China-national business school” and boasts of a large staff body holding degrees attained from prestigious universities worldwide. A wide array of extracurricular activities are also made available to foreign students and local students alike. Nanjing University of Finance and Economics is also a popular choice. This school has “11 first-level master's degree authorization disciplines, 58 second-level master's degree authorization disciplines.” It has an impressive population of 20, 000 full time students. After studying in China, there is a chance for the opportunity to be employed right here in China. Individuals with advanced degrees are highly valued and can go on to work as professors in their field.

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