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China universities and colleges

According to statistics, China possessed about 2,236 colleges and universities ending 2004, with over 20 million students that applied in mainland China. By the end of 2008, the number of students graduating from university reached to 6 million. The "Project 211", which is a national project intended on improving the stages of education in China for both social and economic development, has formed alliances with more than 700 institutions of higher learning into about 300 universities. This has led to the vigorous spanning of the universities that fall in the private sector in mainland China since 1999. As of 2006, private universities deemed for about 1.3 million of the 20 million students that were enrolled in formal higher education.

Universities and Colleges offered in China municipalities fall under the follows:

1) Beijing

·           Peking University

·           Renmin University of China

·           Tsinghua University

·           Beijing Jiaotong University

·           Beijing University of Technology

·           Beihang University

·           Beijing Institute of Technology

·           University of   Science and Technology Beijing

·           North China   University of Technology

·           Beijing   University of Chemical Technology

·           Beijing   Technology and Business University

·           Beijing   Institute of Fashion Technology

·           Beijing   University of Posts and Telecommunications

·           Beijing   Institute of Graphic Communication

·           Beijing   University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

·           Beijing   Institute of Petrochemical Technology

·           Beijing   Electronics Science and Technology Institute

·           China Agricultural University

·           Beijing   University of Agriculture

·           Beijing Forestry University

·           Peking Union Medical College

·           Capital Medical University

·           Beijing   University of Chinese Medicine

·           Beijing Normal University

·           Capital Normal University

·           Capital   University of Physical Education and Sports

·           Beijing   Foreign Studies University

·           Beijing   International Studies University

·           Beijing   Language and Culture University

·           Communication   University of China

·           Central   University of Finance and Economics

·           University   of International Business and Economics

·           Beijing Materials University

·           Capital   University of Economics and Business

·           China Foreign Affairs University

·           Chinese   People's Public Security University

·           University of   International Relations

·           Beijing Sport University

·           Central Conservatory of Music

·           Peking Union Medical College

·           Kede College

·           Canvard College

·           Century College

·           Beijing Police College

·           China Conservatory of Music

·           Central Academy of Fine Arts

·           Central Academy of Drama

·           National   Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

·           Beijing Film Academy

·           Beijing Dance Academy

·           Minzu University of China

·           China   University of Political Science and Law

·           North China   Electric Power University

·           China Women's University

·           Beijing   Information Science and Technology University

·           China   University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

·           China   University of Petroleum (Beijing)

·           China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

·           Beijing Union University

·           Beijing City University

·           China Youth University   for Political Sciences

·           Shougang   Institute of Technology

·           China   Institute of Industrial Relations

·           Beijing Geely   University


2) Chongqing

·           Chongqing University

·           Chongqing   University of Posts and Telecommunications

·           Chongqing Jiaotong University

·           Chongqing Medical University

·           Southwest University

·           Chongqing Normal University

·           Chongqing   University of Arts and Science

·           Chongqing   Three Gorges University

·           Sichuan   International Studies University

·           Yangtze Normal University

·           Southwest   University of Political Science and Law

·           Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

·           Chongqing   University of Science and Technology

·           Chongqing   University of Technology

·           Chongqing   Technology and Business University

·           Chongqing   Institute of Engineering

·           Chongqing   University of Education

·           City College of Science and Technology

·           Chongqing Police College

·           Chongqing Nanfang Translators  College

·           College of Mobile Telecommunications

 3) Shanghai

·           Fudan   University

·           Tongji University

·           Shanghai Jiao Tong University

·           East China   University of Science and Technology

·           University   of Shanghai for Science and Technology

·           Shanghai Maritime University

·           Donghua University

·           Shanghai Institute of Technology

·           Shanghai   University of Medicine & Health Sciences

·           Shanghai Ocean University

·           Shanghai   University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

·           East China Normal University

·           Shanghai Normal University

·           Shanghai   International Studies University

·           Shanghai   University of Finance and Economics

·           Shanghai   University of International Business and Economics

·           Shanghai   Customs College

·           East   China University of Political Science and Law

·           Shanghai University of Sport

·           Shanghai Conservatory of Music

·           Shanghai Theatre Academy

·           Shanghai University

·           Shanghai   University of Engineering Science


·           Shanghai   Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

·           Shanghai Dianji University

·           Sanda   University

·           Shanghai   Second Polytechnic University

·           Shanghai Business School

·           Shanghai Jian Qiao University


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