How many universities in China

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How many universities in China

You'll have read the buzz about China’s growing economic system and the hype about 5,000 years of history – what does that actually mean if you are about to step off a aircraft to study in one of the world’s fastest-developing countries?


China’s growing economic system over the past three decades has mainly benefitted a better part of the eastern and southeastern part of China, including the vibrant parts of Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and other seaside areas, where many Fortune 500 companies have joined the growing local market and set up their Asia-Pacific head office.

Today, a great variety of international students, approximately 397,500, are specializing in many topics, which range from Chinese languages, calligraphy, and fighting styles to technological innovation, information technology, medicine, and MBAs.

In 2009 tuition in English language was readily available in more than 250 programs at 38 universities and colleges, according to the Chinese Secretary of state for Education. Some 40,000 international students visitChinaeach year to study the Chinese culture, and to take advantage of the Teaching Chinese language as a Foreign Language Program.

Currently there are over 270 schools in china that can take foreign students. This number will keep increasing as the years go by, due to the governments efforts to make china a global study destination 

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