About Our Library

About Our Library

Every Library plays a unique role in the intellectual life of the University. It offers individual and collaborative learning space as well as rich print, digital collections and expert research assistance.

The University Library was established as a valuable partner in supporting the University’s pursuit towards excellence in teaching, learning, research and other interests of faculty, students and the non-teaching staff of the University community as well as non- members of the University. To fulfill its mandate, the University library has the under mentioned mission and vision statements:

Mission Statement

1. To assist Management to provide students, faculty and non-teaching staff with the best possible resources and conditions for teaching, learning and research.

2. To create a working environment dedicated to excellence, equity, and mutual respect.

3. To cooperate with other educational institutions and other learning communities to create new knowledge, prepare students for fulfilling careers, and improve the quality of life through leading-edge research.

Vision Statement

1. The University’s Library seeks to be the heart of the academic and research culture of the University and to contribute to the intellectual activities of the University.

2. The Library envisions that it will fulfill its unique role as a major contributor to the academic, cultural, and social development of the university community.

3. In fulfilling this vision, the Library will continue to acquire and maintain adequate information resources, offer effective instruction on the retrieval and use of materials in a variety of formats, and continue to provide state-of-the-art technology for users in all locations.

4. The library also aspires to assist the University in its commitments to the broader community, by developing innovative approaches to supporting life-long learning.

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