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Your early days will leave you thinking of how far apart the borders of this country is since China is definitely bigger compared to your home country but rest assured, the adventures and newness to culture will leave you with no regrets.

An Economy with Fast Growth

China for the past 30 years has recorded the fastest growing economy with a record average GDP of 9.79. According to facts of the global financial crisis in 2009, the Chinese economy was among the first in the world to bounce back and quickly return to growth.

The stable investment environment and assured human resource with cheap labor make china an attractive land for many foreign companies. Most top 500 companies do business with China, with many choosing to base their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the busy Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. This is good news for international students studying in china because it creates an avenue for job acquisition in famous foreign companies.

Undoubtedly, the economy of this country develops unevenly by regions. For example, cities like Beijing, Shanghai have higher living costs and more pressure to find a job while smaller cities like Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenyang have lower costs and less pressure to find a job. See Chinese Cities and living cost.

Proud History and Culture

"Giant dragon in the east" it is known worldwide, China is the world's most populated country with rich culture stretching back almost 5,000 years in time. It has ancient treasures like the Forbidden City and Great Wall as well as intellectual works including Chinese Calligraphy and various Local Operas, China is reputed for its cultural heritage.
Modernization recently has left a lot of beautiful traditional Chinese architectural cities losing their antiqued looks In Beijing, for instance, you are confused about the mixed city sights when first settling down. Beijing is a mix of tradition and modernization. Only when you are surrounded byHutongs will you find the traces of old Beijing stories. Admittedly, development to bringing comfort and convenience to residents are sieving the beauty of the good old days.
But, luckily, the essential part of Chinese culture has never been changed.  In line with Confucian teaching, Chinese culture still attaches great importance on education. The Chinese government has put huge money on the career of higher education, to ensure the quality of universities, to elevate the level of faculty and to create the more relaxed environment of education so that China can face all the challenges of the 21st century.

A Large Population Base

China is generally described as a country with a vast territory and a great population. China's population is over 1.38 billion, the largest of any country in the world. Its population growth rate is only 0.47%, ranking 159th in the world. China maybe is paradise for many foreigners due to the great development and a  standard of living here. However, competitions are getting fierce among college graduates.
You will ask, how will a foreigner fit in here? Trust that you'll easily fit into 1.3 billion people. You will encounter just a few English speaking Chinese but are very interested in speaking with you. They may be worryingly friendly but that's exactly how Chinese treat foreign guests.

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