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Study in China Zambia

Zambia is a country of multi-ethnic and multi-cultures and home to the religion Christianity. It boast a strong feel of music and dance which was an integral part of its development. It blows its horn when it comes to traditional arts which is pottery and basketry.

As a Zambian if you’re considering China as a place for studying , it may be challenging at first but the best advice I can give to you it do it with and open mind . In terms of practicing your religion there is no difficulty as a matter of fact China has a Christian population.

China won’t fail in meeting education requirements as it promises quality education on par with that of the western world accompanied by homely hostel accommodation. To encourage you to study in China, the government offers scholarships to international students, so be sure not to miss out.

Adapting to the living lifestyle, cuisine and time will be slightly difficulty, but it’s certainly an opportunity to challenge yourself and start living away from your comfort zone! Living in China is light on the pockets and you can always feel like an emperor with the exceptional standard of service you receive everywhere. It will prove to be a sensational experience with many lessons and a memory you will hold on for life.


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