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Study in China – HSK

HSK is a Chinese Proficiency Test that assesses non-natives Chinese speaker’s abilities in using the Chinese Language in their daily academic and professional lives. It is further divided into 3 categories, beginning level (HSK Basic), elementary to intermediate (HSK Elementary-Intermediate) and advanced level (HSK Advanced)

HSK basic is standardised for beginners, it is suitable for those who are fluent with 300 to 400 basic Chinese words (referring to level A and B in the outline of HSK Grammar).

HSK Elementary Intermediate is suitable for those who have mastered 2000 to 5000 Chinese words (referring to level A B and C in the outline of HSK Grammar).

HSK advanced applies to those who have subdued 5000 to 8000 Chinese words (referring to level A, B, C and D in the outline of HSK Grammar).

 The validity of these certificates are life-long and permanently valid. As a proof of Chinese proficiency for foreign students applying for enrolment into different universities, HSK scores are valid for 2 years from date of examination.


Content & Duration

1.       Beginners: Includes listening comprehension, grammar, and reading comprehension. The test last 135 minutes.

2.       Elementary-Advanced: Includes listening comprehension, grammar, reading comprehension and filling in the blanks. The test last 145 minutes.

3.       Advanced: includes listening comprehension, reading comprehension, comprehensive expression, composition and an oralexamination. the test last 155 minutes


Examination Centres (Places) In China:

1.       Beijing

2.       Tianjin

3.       Shanghai

4.       Nanjing

5.       Guangdong

6.       Shaanxi

7.       Hubei

8.       Sichuan

9.       Zhejiang

10.   Yunnan

11.   Fujian

12.   Guangxi

13.   Shandong

14.   Jilin

15.   Liaoning

16.   Heilongjiang

17.   Henan

18.   Hunan

19.   Xinjiang

20.   Qinghai

21.   Inner Mongolia

22.   Gansu

23.   Hong Kong

24.   Macao


Registering For HSK

1.       You may apply at an examination centre most convenient for you.

2.       You are required 2 provide 2-inch bareheaded full-faced photos (40 mm x 30 mm) and a valid identification card with your photo such as passport, driver’s license or residence permit .

3.       You are required to pay an HSK fee and a registration fee, both of which are non-refundable. Should you be unable to write the exam due to unforeseen circumstances you need to explain to the HSK centre prior to the exam so that you will only pay the registration fee the next time you wish to write.

4.       If there is no centre near you, you may register via correspondence. You will need send a copy of your passport, your CV including your Chinese and English names, nationality, sex and postal address as well as 2 photos. You will also need to remit the necessary fees to the centre by postal money order. Once your application is processed, you will be issued with the HSK permit and the “HSK Examinees’ Handbook”. Time and venue will be specified on the permit

5.       The “HSK Outline”, sample HSK papers and relevant tapes are available from your HSK centre.


Study HSKundergraduate programs

As foreigners enrol for undergraduate programs, they might find it binding upon them by the school to sit for the HSK exam in order to proceed with further studying and completion of the degree. The school itself maybe an HSK examination centre and may assist in adequate preparation for the examination.

For more details and information it will be wise to contact your university of choice for you academic career or visit the following websites:

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