The Dutch princess is going to study in China

The Dutch princess is going to study in China

Can you see this fairy tale princess in my life? Now it works - the Dutch princess is going to study in China

Princess Amalia is 14 years old and is in high school. At her father’s suggestion, she will complete her final years of high school in China.

It is said that the princess is to attend the Changshu branch of Changshu World University in Changshu, China, where 65% of the students are international friends.

The biggest contributing factor to studying in China is her father, King Alexander of the Netherlands. King Alexander traveled frequently during his studies, and hoped that his daughter would gain insight in her studies in China and would help her to inherit the throne.

That's right, the 14-year-old Dutch princess is the number one successor to the throne and will be the king of the Netherlands

Princess Amalia was already learning Chinese two years ago and was especially interested in Chinese culture.

Students who can be classmates with the Dutch princess are sure to be proud: My classmate is the King of the Netherlands!

Alexander the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the 6th to China, the next time it should be to send his daughter to school.

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