Study in China – Malaysia

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Study in China – Malaysia

Malaysia is located in the southeast of Asia. The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. The constitution declares Islam the state religion while allowing freedom of religion to non-Muslims. The original culture of the area stemmed from indigenous tribes that inhabited it. Substantial influences exist from Chinese and Indian culture this is accompanied by influence of the Persian Arabic and Britishcultures. Thecosine is reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of the population.

If you’re from Malaysia and you’re willing to take a leap and study in China, you’re certainly not going to have trouble. China has a Muslim population and caters for their needs in terms of mosques and halal foods so if you follow the religion of Islam, you won’t fall short in your religion. Adapting to the cuisine arts and living lifestyle should be no hassle as Malaysia being a multi ethnic and multi-cultural country, it has traces of Chinese culture. More importantly the education is the big deal! China has numerous institutes and universities offering world class education and classes in the English or Chinese medium. Most or if not all the schools have proper accreditation and the opportunities to choose a field to study in is endless. China offers everything from fine arts to engineering and medicine. Just about anything you’re looking for. Adding colour to your study life there is plentiful travel prospects for the travel lusting. This will certainly be home away from home for the Malaysian student.

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