China Universities for Pakistani Students

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China Universities for Pakistani Students

China Universities for Pakistani Students

Having established good relations between the two countries, China has attracted more than 19,000 students from Pakistan to provide as a passageway for their future potentials into the wide battlefield, making the South Asian country the fourth largest source of recruitment. Since China makes up for being a cooperative neighbor and serves as a generous host, it’s the ideal place for Pakistani students to explore their education options as well as seeking knowledge.

As of December 2004, Pakistan and The Scholarship Council of China has sealed an agreement to enroll the students of Pakistan to the Chinese universities, with the first batch of 300 getting their chances at 15 different universities in China in June 2005, followed by the further enrollment of Pakistani students. As of 2006, it was estimated that more than 1,000 students of Pakistan have found their path to higher education in China, with Xinjiang being one of the popular destinations. Reaching 2009, about 500 Pakistani international students were enrolled at universities in Xinjiang, with Xinjiang Medical University gaining the highest number of students. As of 2012, over 5,000 Pakistani students in China have been known to be studying with most of them pursuing in medicine.

By 2016, there were 19,000 Pakistani students studying at Chinese universities. The main branches of studies that gained the most popularity included medicine, engineering, economics and management.

Universities offering MBBS to Pakistani Students:

  1. Peking Union Medical College - Beijing 

  2. Beijing Medical University - Beijing  

  3. Shanghai Medical University - Shanghai  

  4. Shanghai Second Medical University - Shanghai 

  5. School of Stomatology, Shanghai Second Medical University - Shanghai

  6. Xian Jiaotong University, School of Medicine - Xian

  7. Xinjiang Medical University – Urumqi

  8. Shandong University – Jinan

  9. Central South University – Changsha

  10. China Medical University – Shenyang






Universities offering Engineering to Pakistani Students:


  1. Tsinghua University – Beijing

  2. Beijing University of Iron & Street Technology - Beijing

  3. Hohai University - Nanjing

  4. Shanghai University of Technology - Shanghai

  5. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  6. Jiao-gong University

  7. Shanghai University of Science and Technology - Shanghai

  8. South East University - Nanjing



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