Do you want to Study in China

Do you want to Study in China

Everybody wants the best for him or herself. Study in China is very simple but very difficult to by and you will be if you follow the guidelines and regulations. Are you planning to study in China? If yes then these are some of the things you need to know. We are here to help you get the chance of studying in China so that your dreams will come through.

· You are not allowed to work in China if you are holding X1 Visa, thus if you are a student you are not allowed to work.

· You need to extend your to Residence Permit within 30 days of your entry.

· If someone pays you a visit from another country or city you need to take the visitor to the Local Police for registration within 24 hours unless the visitor is going to lodge in a hotel at the time of visiting.


Our main objective is to help develop China with the country with the largest number of various international students in Asia. Also we ought to establish a mutual system, flexible with the overall scale and development of education in China. In view of this we are producing the best highly qualified teachers, those who can speak English to help build this great country and for study in China.  Furthermore to produce good graduate in field of Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, ICT and so forth who understand the Chinese Culture and to help carry China to the rest of the world.

Our Main Task

We have on grounds that by the year of 2025, the total number of international students studying in China in the universities would be up to 600,000. In view of this the Chinese government’s scholarship shall be gradually increased in respect of the needs of national strategy and development the People’s Republic of China. We are going to give equal attention to all the international students so that everything will be balanced in terms of countries of origin, academic levels and types.

Guidelines and Principles

We are here to help everyone so kindly follow the rules and everything will be successful and the guideline of this Plan to Study in China is to expand the scale and the international friendly of China. We want into consideration of quality education in China and help build a brighter future for the country and also help others nationalities.

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