Best cities to study in China

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Best cities to study in China

For a sound and effective studies, environment really play an importance role. Good environment helps in uplifting one’s spirit and really motivate one to study hard. Some might consider listening to music to boost their morale when studying, others might prefer noise, some might prefer chatting whiles studying but the most important and common of all is good environment.

One’s performance can improved as a result of the cities(environment) or particular type of people one is surround by. In china, there are lots of beautiful cities with welled renowned universities that one can successfully be enrolled into to study and explore.



Shanghai is the largest city in china and the centre for trade and finance activities. Shanghai referred to as the china New York has lot foreigners which make it easy for foreign students to connect and relate with their own nationals. With a lot of top universities with high class learning facilities for international students. Students who wish to explore more about modern China should tip shanghai as city to study their preferred programs. Shanghai is developed with modern infrastructure and as the name suggests “above the sea’, where Yangtze river meets the East China Sea.


Zhangjiakou located at the north-western part of Hebei province with inner Mongolia to the north and south and Shanxi to the southwest. Zhangjiakou can boast of good transport system such flight, travelling buses, taxis, train, and so on. By the year 2022, Zhangjiakou will be co-hosting the winter Olympics games which has brought a lot of infrastructural developments recently in the city. Zhangjiakou is one of the cities with low cost of living with a welcoming environment conducive for learning. Hebei North University is located in Zhangjiakou, which offer the most popular MBBS program in China.


Beijing located at the northern part of China, Hebei province is a city with rich cultural heritage which aim at drawing millions of tourists every year. As the capital city of China Beijing can successfully boast of impressive Architectural developments with several tourist sites such as the great wall, forbidden city, temple of heaven, summer palace, Ming tomb and so many more.

In terms education Beijing is blessed with most of the top renowned universities across the world with both local and international programs.

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