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To study in China, each program as well as University has its own requirements for entry. To be able to enter into any university, you must read carefully all entry requirements, and only if you can meet those requirements should you begin the application process.

The basic requirements of most of the universities in China are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degree programs

  • Master's degree programs

  • Doctoral degree programs

  • Non-degree programs of Chinese language and culture

Also, all international students who want to study in china first of all must meet the General requirements of the Chinese Government, without that, the student will be denied entry into China.

The following are General Requirements of The Chinese Government:

  • The applicant must hold a Valid Students or Visitors visa.

  • Applicant must hold no criminal records and hence show documents that prove that.

  • The applicant must have all the required qualifications to enter the University of Choice

  • International students from non English speaking countries who want to study programs in English media must provide recognized proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. As such, applicants who also want to study Chinese-medium programs must first prove their proficiency in the language by providing their HSK certificate.

For all the various levels of studying, there are different requirements. Below is a table of the levels of studying, their duration and admission requirements.

Study level/ Program

Admission Requirements

Duration of Study

Undergraduate program

High School (secondary) certificate

4-5 years

Masters Degree Program

Bachelors Degree certificate and letters of recommendation from previous school

2-3 years

Doctorate Degree Program

Masters Degree certificate and letters of recommendation from previous school

3 years

Language Program

High School (secondary) certificate

1-2 years

Transfer Program

Transfer letter from the International students affairs office of current Chinese University, and other degree requirements must be met

Depends on the level of the program being applied for




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