Study abroad in China Tianjin

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Study abroad in China Tianjin

Welcome to Tianjin, where you might easily forget you are actually in China because of the well preserved European-style architecture from the past decades, perhaps century. Part of what Tianjin is boastful for is that it is the fourth largest in China. It is located in the Northern province of Hebei and bound by the yellow sea and the Beijing. It is also one of the Central cities of China of which only 5 cities are part of.

If you are looking to study in China in Tianjin, regardless of your major, as there are about 25 universities in Tianjin offering so many courses ranging from Arts, Medicine, Agriculture, Science and Technology to Finance and economics, make sure Tianjin is at the top of your list. Tianjin is home to some of the renowned medical, finance, economics and arts universities in the world. The Tianjin Medical University has a sound recognition worldwide and its counterpart, the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics has a good international approval as well.

Tianjin city is low on crime rates and has favourable climatic conditions. It has a rich history and a number of sites to see for foreign students.

Application to universities in Tianjin follows the same criteria asallother universities in China.

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