Top Reasons to study in China

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Top Reasons to study in China


 1.       Learn the exquisite language of Mandarin


Learning Mandarin is complicated and exciting at the same time. Mandarin will help you boost memory and enable you to speak one fifth of the world’s population.


2.      Witness Chinese development first hand and from the first row


Witness such glorious growth from within the country is fascinating and eye-opening. Facts can be found on the internet and book but to witness the speed is astonishing. Roads and skyscrapers rise every so often. The country is achieving far more than most developed countries in magnitude, quantity and quality.


3.      Be exposed to a millennia-old culture


The Chinese culture has a 5000 year history and is one of the richest and most vibrant in the world. Although the country is modernising at a fast pace, traditional aspects remain visible. Considering taking a stroll in the mornings will expose you to the one of the most famous form of martial arts called taichi which believed to be beneficial to health. Calligraphy is also an important and appreciated aspect of culture.


4.      Discover Chinese cuisine


One of the most varied cuisine in the worth, each region of China has its own principal of taste and specialities. The diversity in food is certainly something to be stroked about


5.      Develop a global Mind-set


Exposing yourself to China will enable you to become a better world citizen. You meet people from all walks of life and share momentous occasions with them. In China you will certainly make connections that will be infinitely important in the future as our world becomes increasingly interconnected.


6.      Endless travel opportunities


If you are travel lusting China is always a great idea. China is home to many famous landmarks and astounding trails and thrilling theme parks. In addition it’s a neighbour to most of the countries in the continent of Asia.


7.      Every day is an adventure


Every day is a new day with endless experiments. It is vital to establish the motto “Try new things everyday”. Some adventures include cupping, eating chicken feet, taking a class of tach or enjoying a grilled scorpion…



8.      Acquire useful skills


The first skill you will acquire is being autonomous. This is followed by problem solving and more importantly patience


9.      Increase your professional marketability


An experience abroad is one of the most important assets as a fresh graduate. Companies find applicants more favourable when they have international exposure.


10.   Challenge yourself , Go beyond


Studying in China is a challenge, a challenge to yourself. When you enter into china you step out of your comfort zone and face reality. It take courage but it’s something that will benefit your life long. Dare to confront yourself.


In summary:



Why you should study in china?


    Learn a glorious language

    Acquire useful skills

    Increase your professional marketability

    be exposed to a millennia-old culture

    Discover Chinese cuisine

    Affordability and expenses are slashed

    Quality education

    On par with western education culture and norms

    Endless travel opportunities

    Challenge yourself

    Employment advantage

    Vibrant arts and culture

    Stand out and don’t follow in the crowds to Europe

    See the economic future

    Communicate with the masses

    Eat like an emperor wherever you go

    Dig deeper and explore history

    International recognition

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