Top universities to study abroad in china

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Top universities to study abroad in china

Top universities to study abroad in china

Peking University is a major research university located in Beijing. This institute of prestige is one of the 9 universities chosen to be part of the C9 league which is an elite group of universities in china. This famous university has served as the highest form of administration in education in the beginning of its founding. Since its inception this university has been a thought of prospect. Bing consistently ranked as a top tier higher learning institution. Aside from the world renowned education Peking is also famous for its campus grounds and beautiful architecture.   

Fudan University, another member of the C9 league of universities is located in the buzzing city of Shanghai, is one of the most selective universities in China. Being consistenly ranked in the worlds top 100 universities it is also a member of the Universitas 21. Its institutional predecessor was founded in 1905, shortly before the end of China's imperial Qing dynasty. Its institutional predecessor was founded in 1905, shortly before the end of China's imperial Qing dynasty. Fudan has 4 campuses namely: Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan.

Wuhan University is located in Wuhan, Hubei, China. This institute is administrated by the Ministry of Education and has been chosen to be apart of both the 211 project and the 985 as a major receiver of sate funding. This university found in Luojia Hill is famous for its palatial buildings blending western ans Chinese architecture. This is commonly referred to the university with  most beautiful campuses as wel as consistently being in the countries top 10.

Renmin University of China is a public research university located in the Haidian District of Beijing, China. Founded by the Communist Party of China, RUC possesses academic strengths in humanities and social sciences, and is regarded highly among Chinese universities.



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