Best province to study Mandarin in China

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Best province to study Mandarin in China

City of Kunming 

Kunming might not be anyone’s first choice but it is very likely to change in the future. It proves to be interesting and one of the cities that’s the most underrated in China. After reading the reasons below you will soon arrive at the conclusion Kunming is certainly good way to go and you will realise the aforementioned statements are just cliches.


Kunming is known as spring city due to the reason that every season is like spring. It does really matter where you come from, but everyone certainly enjoys the mild climate of Kunming.

Air Quality

When one thinks of China, unfortunately it brings to the mind uncomforting images of thick grey smog and masked faces. Fortunately when it comes to Kunming this isn’t an issue as Kunming experiences the lowest levels of air pollution. Blue skies and fluffy clouds are a rare sight but in Kunming this is what the usual day entails of.


The city is evolving at its own speed so in all honesty it can’t be compared to the mega-tycoon cities of China however it still offers everything you need without being harsh on the pocket

Study Opportunities

If you’re surfed the internet for mandarin schools in China then it’s no co-incidence if you have become sensitized with Keats Chinese School in Kunming. The school is highly recommended and boasts its low tuition fees. The classes are small which allows educators to have more time on individual teaching or better 0ne-on-one interactions.

Unique Culture

The culture of China is more or less uniform throughout. Of course there are exceptions and Kunming falls here. Kunming is home to things that are certainly out of the ordinary for China scum as break-dancing battles, skateboards, hacky-sacks and tattoo parlours. Kunming retains its culture with an interesting twist.


The province boast abundant opportunities for the travel lusting such as Dali,Shangri-la and many more. It also forms the boarder of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Kunming as a tourist city stands out from the rest.

Friendly people with plenty study opportunities, light on the pocket with abundant travel prospects, Kunming caters for it. Be a part of the spectacular journey in Kunming. See you soon!

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