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What is Medicine program? What are the branches of medicine? Why study medicine in China? Why study medicine in China?
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What is Engineering? Why study Engineering in China? Benefits of studying Engineering in China? China has developed rapidly in science and technology...
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Business Management
What is Business Management? Why Study Business Management in China? What are the Benefits of Studying Business Management in China?
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Chinese Language
Mandarin, the most popular Chinese language has a history dating back to over 3 000 years. Chinese universities and colleges offer Chinese language programs to international students.
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Wed. Feb.15
Hangzhou Normal University (HNU) Ranks 6th in Zhejiang Universities 10:46:00 The “2016 Chinese Universities Evaluation and Study Report” of the China University Alumni Association Network (CUAA) recently released Zhejiang’s Ranking List of Best Universities
Fri. Feb.17
Students up for a second LEGO2NANO hackathon 15:18:00 Students and researchers from UCL’s Engineering and MAPS Faculties, Institute of Making and London Centre for Nanotechnology
Fri. Feb.17
Jilin Jianzhu University Chinese Language Studies with free Accommodation 16:29:00 Applications are now OPEN for Chinese Language course in Jilin Jianzhu University, a university for engineering majors.