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international politics

International Politics deals with how various states and international organizations compete on global political issues andtheir roles in policy making.students who wish to secure a job in NGOs, teaching of international law or as civil servants should actually offer international politics in the universities.


International politics serve students with the required know how in business expertise with excellent analytical skills and in-depth understanding. It also provide students with excellent guides to become great thinkers and responsible leaders to approach global issue constructively.

 Why pursue international politics as course?

International politics is a three or four years course offered in several universities here in China with reasonable tuition fees. International politics offers students the grounds to simply comprehend, differentiate and assess the main concepts of international policies governing a state or international system.

Students under this course will be educated on how to assess and analyze global political issue strategically using required method to figure out global Aims and relationships.

They will also be made to focus on contemporary world issues and policy making to help find suitable answers questions challenging the modern world.

International politics also help students understand and interpret key world political challenges and apply constructive solution to help curb global problems.

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