Best course to study in China

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Best course to study in China

There are about over 9000 universities in China that offers international standard courses which has helped the increasing number of foreign students in China. Foreign related courses providea means of advancement for today’s working professional facing challenging competitive job market. The following are best courses to study in china.


Duration for study of MBBS in China varies. Most medical universities in China have the duration of 6 years. Someuniversities have their duration of 5 years’ whiles some have theirs as far as 7 years. Universities in China with the qualification to enrolled international students are mostly accredited to the world Health organization (WHO). Students who graduate from these medical school are eligible to attend medical national screening test such as PMDC, USMLE, GMB and so on. Students can either choose to have their internship in their country or any country of their choice.



China is known as the best in terms of business education. The academic curriculum is being structured strategically to suit the international standard and the fast-moving economy.Business Administration study has to deal with study in economics and managements. There about over 1000 accredited universities all over china that offer several business-related programs and this has contributed to the high number of international students trooping in China to offered their preferred coursed in business.

This programme is a four years’ course which offers students the opportunity to work in business venture and transact business here in china or any country.


With technology evolving fast in China, most foreigners of late are pouring into the country to obtain knowledge in the computer world. A lot of universities can strongly boast of modern facilities in computer education which offer students with theory and practical knowledge. Engineering courses in China covers subjects like system design, electronic system design, hardware software integration, data engineering, robotics and controls.

BDS (bachelor of Dentistry Surgery)

BDS(BachelorofDentistrySurgery) is referred as a hot cake with student across the world entering into China to pursue this course. China is one of the countries with a lot of universities offering the course with reasonable low cost tuition fees with modern infrastructures suitable for studying. International student who study this programme have the chance of offering the internship here in China or any country.

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