Starter’s Guide | How To Choosing University Courses When Studying In China

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Starter’s Guide


There are a lot of things to consider from choosing a course to which university to study in. This is a life-changing decision to make and a lot of things are invested. Time, money and efforts are a few to mention. This guide will give you an insight from the genesis to the end. It’ll assist you on what to do and when to do it.

When to Study?

Initially, you need to research more on what you want to study. The best decision to make during this period is to focus more on your passion. What you enjoy doing gives you an inner happiness when doing it. Our in-depth search tool  will assist you. We have simplified and categorized the courses offered by universities and colleges in China to make it very easy for you. Check our family courses for more details.

What to Study?

After choosing the course and where to study, use our online application portal to make your application. We have different levels of studying in China. From non-degree Chinese language courses to doctorate degree courses. Check the entry requirements to know your eligibility and prepare your documents.

After been granted the visa, you need to prepare your baggage. Our handy pre-departure guidewill help you on everything you need to know before traveling. Our airport pickup team will assist you from your arrival airport to your university and further assist you with the registration formalities.

Congratulations your hard work has paid off.

  • How to track your application
    To track the application status, please login your ACASC personal account. Whenever there’s an update, you will be informed on your application status through ACASC system within a day as soon as we receive university’s notification. You will simultaneously receive ACASC auto-email about the application status. To directly inquire about your application status, feel free to send us an email to and our team will keep you updated.
  • How to pay your application fees
    ACASC charges a service fee of 50$ for using its online application portal. Applying through ACASC into Chinese universities attracts a service fee of $50. Please check ACASC application service for details. Different universities charge different application fee and ACASC has been authorized to receive the fee on their behalf.
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