Why study international relations

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Why study international relations

For centuries, nations have relied upon others in order to flourish through trade, security or stability. Even today, many countries thrive upon these ties. In the 21st century countries seek ties with nations whichhave a dominant position in International Relations.  In order to maximize on the benefits of these ties, good relations must be maintained when dealing in international affairs, the laws and institutional customs of all nations involved, cannot be overlooked and must be taken into account.


Although the spotlight is usually shone upon politics and intergovernmental agreements, many international, non-political interactions are made which have great impact. International business transactions greatly affect the economic state of a country. In times of crisis, international non-governmental organizations may be called upon for assistance. On a smaller scale, trade between international companies requires knowledge of International Relations. Agreements are drawn up after careful analysis is made in order to ensure that the decisions made remain consistent with the law. With negotiations going back and forth, both parties will require individuals who can provide mutual understanding in order to find common ground. This is where International Relations comes in handy. They need people who have knowledge of cultures from other countries and foreign policies, and those who are abreast with world affairs and have the necessary people skills to ensure that these agreements are drawn up with ease and stable relationships are maintained.


On many occasions, China has been described as an emerging super power. It has great influence internationally due to its technological, cultural and economic strength. It also boasts of great potential for numerous future international interactions. Which better country is there to study International Relations than China itself? You will be provided with the necessary skills in order to gain the upper hand in various affairs world wide. Among other things, you will be equipped with negotiation and communication skills. This course provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of game changing decision-making. It is also a pathway to various career options. International interactions occur on a daily basis and the expertise of people well-versed in International Relations are constantly sought for.  

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