why study economics in China

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why study economics in China

There are several reasons to study economics. Studying economics will make you a holder of one of the most lucrative degrees.


·         Economics has a very large application base making it relatively easy to obtain a job, giving rise to excellent graduate prospects.

·         The salary of economist are comparatively well paid.

Economics equips one with ideal skills to make informed and concise decisions from business to government and general day to day, definitely no room for futility when it has a bag full of real-life application skills

·         One develops financial awareness , irrespective of your alternate career aspirations

·         Economics also gives one a taste of independence which prepares its graduates to meet the real world head on and to be responsible enough for their own development and conversely, contribution.

·         Studying economics will give one a generalist understanding of the world we live in and its inner workings

·         As an economist you, yourself become an economic forecaster and can make a living from predicting future economic events.


The study of economics is vital and will equip one with what is deemed essential in their life such as

·         Offering good advice regarding the economy, its recessions and contradictory reasons to end recessions.

·         One will then be able to use key concepts such as ‘diminishing return’ and ‘opportunity cost’ in decision making processes.

·         Economics influences rational behaviour.


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