Study economics in Shanghai

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Study economics in Shanghai

Economics is the study of production, consumption, the transfer of wealth and how these aspects are interlinked. In a broader spectrum it is defined as how scarce resources are allocated, be it by households, industries or the government.

Individuals who attain a degree in economics are equipped with an extensive set of skills. They work well both alone or with a team and can cope under pressure. Analytical and problem solving skills are key traits attained throughout the course.

There is no better place  to study economics than in a city whose economy is booming. It is said that a field of study is best done if the student immerses himself in the lifestyle of the matter at hand.

The field of economics is vast with programs from international trade, finance and business admin. Depending on the level of degree the student wishes to study.

Some of the universities in shanghai that offer economics include

-         Shanghai university

-         Shanghai university of finance and economics

-         Shanghai university of international business and economics

-         Jia tong university

The above mentioned universities specialise in economics and commerce if not the field resides in the higher ranks of courses chosen to study.


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