MBA duration in China

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MBA duration in China

Master of Business Administration is a master’s degree in Business administration (management).It offers educational basics in business concepts, aimed at equipping students with unique in depth understanding of major functions within a business.

MBA in China

The Chinese government has invested more resources to establish over 5000 universities to meet international standard by equipping these universities with modern educational facilities to enable these universities international competitive. With the introduction of Masters of Business Administration back in 1991 with just 9 MBA programs, China can now Boast of 236 MBA programs recently.

Masters of Business Administration enables students to focus on specialized field such as management information system, marketing strategy, human resources, innovation, etc.

There many universities available in china offering international students with Master of Business Administration degree programs. The following are the best international MBA programs in China.

Masters of Business Administration MBA study in China full time course take a maximum of two years. Below are the various types of MBA programs in China and their durations.

One- year- full-time Program

Under this kind of MBA degree program the course is intense with full immersion experience and usually have strict and an active prerequisites for work experience or work training. This type of MBA program last a maximum of 11 to 16 months.



Two- year- full -time- program

This Master of Business Administration program involves a total of two years academic work. It allows students to concentrate and focus full time on their academic work and studies. The program usually last four semesters, which are spread over the two academic years.



Part –time- Program

This type of MBA degree program offer professionals or workers the chance to continue with their working agenda whiles having the chance of pursuing their masters in business administration. Under the part time MBA program, students can work full time during the day and attend classes during the evening or weekends.



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