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about economics

Economics is the analysis of how people establish resources to meet human

needs.The study of economics is an superb way to gain problem-solving skills and grow a logical, ordered way of looking at problems. It leads naturally to careers in business, law, and in economics research and consulting.Learning economics grows habits of careful thought, and the application of mathematics, and practice in clear writing. Economists capture the world of current affairs. Studying economics encompasses learning to use data and to read critically.


Economics is a standard major, because it provides insight into the functioning of independent markets for goods and services, economic markets, and the global economic system, and because it supplies the quantitative and analytical skills that allow students to thrive in a wide diversification of business activities.Economists are curious in incentives and expenses, payment and labour, investments and trade.Many universities view economics as one of the best undergraduate majors because of its directionaladvance toward to the investigation of publicmatters.Economics majors are fascinating people both because of their skills and because they can explain why economic situations occur and how economic performance might increase.


The students choice of undergraduate major has only little association with final career and some of the faculty in this department can major in physics, mathematics, and engineering as undergraduates. Other students find employment in a wide variety of faculties. Some also go to medical and dental schools, to graduate study in public policy, religion, and other fields as well as graduate study in economics. Success in the economics major is good preparation for a variety of careers.Students choose to major in economics for tworeasons, they want more complete understanding of economic phenomena and they enjoy the diligent reasoning. Success is more likely when a student wants a major where the subject matter is interesting to the student and the required skills match a student's abilities.

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