International relations master degree

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International relations master degree

The master’s degree in international relations is designed to be a truly transformative program that gives students the educational training and first-hand experience necessary to undertake successful international careers.

The curriculum both encompasses and transcends traditional distinctions between the public, private and non-profit sectors with all the courses depicted by well distinguished professionals of wide-ranging expertise.

The programs provides students with a strong global affairs and business foundation complemented by a in field work ethics.


Attaining a master’s degree in the international relations field can be approached in two ways

1.     International MBA + masters in international relations.

2.     Masters in management + masters in international relations

International relations master’s degree explores how global, regional and domestic factors influence the core concepts behind international relations.

Most schools offer an interdisciplinary approach to the major which include the study of politics.

The courses involved in the master’s degree program include

•Peace-making and Negotiation

•Human Rights in World Politics

•Non-Government Organizations

•Managing Non-Profit Organizations

•Qualitative Research Methods

•Qualitative Data Analysis

•International Relations: Theory and Practice

•International Finance

•Evolution of the International Systems

•Good Governance

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