study business in Shanghai

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study business in Shanghai

There’s a direction the Chinese are so well-off in international job – they’ve been excelling at it as a result of the days of Marco Polo and the Silk Road. There’s no top city to regard the in shortly changing mood of global engagement in activity application than Shanghai. Business, Language, and Culture position, you’ll recognize the causes ought to, and challenges of, China’s hot economic lifestyle and emergence on the reality stage over coursework, networking by all of corporate leaders, an internship, and more.

Study far in Shanghai and you’ll:

Learn from from has a jump on to bottom respected service professors, and craft union and international enrollment leaders

Visit caught on Chinese multinational and international companies

Tour sites of fateful, political, and wholesale significance

Investigate the practically pressing enrollment issues and trends by all of sprinkling of China’s virtually respected professors. During courses at East China Normal University, you’ll look the changing mood of trade in China by all of Charles Mo, CFO for Nike China; and prove sustainability in transnational service by all of Oliver Yang, corporate social business and polity relations person of the house, for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

After diamond in the rough you will go home by the whole of real-life skills by interning by all of a Chinese join, a multinational firm, or an international nonprofit. You might hold mutually data total or lend business administration vow a craft union startup.


When it comes to business in China, who knows transcend than the country’s transcend executives? Institutions have developed complete relationships with leaders from several of the top companies in Shanghai, a well-known as Shanghai Volkswagen, IKEA, Honeywell, and Coca-Cola. During in a class by itself networking trips, you’ll equal with and get a load of from these leaders, giving you an exclusive regard into the management of some of the most profitable businesses and corporations in Shanghai.

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