Bachelor of Science Economics

Bachelor of Science Economics

Within economics there are mainly two styles: microeconomics and macroeconomics. The Bachelor of Science in economics mainly focuses on the application of mathematics and the techniques used and the theory of statistics.

So the BSc economics program will provide students with comprehensive training in the quantitative and theoretical tools used in economics courses.

BSc in economics can help many people make the right decision in their business and corporate firms. It will allow you to see statistically what is bringing you down or what needs to be stopped.


“The key objective is to create the space for structural reform and for investments for growth… It’s not easy but a great challenge calls on great leaders. These are the moments. Either history chooses the leader or the leader changes the history.” – Min Zhu, Deputy Managing Director International Monetary Fund

Studying a bachelor of science in Economics will grant you the opportunity to specialize in one of these fields:




International Business


You can gain many skills from a BSc in Economics, for example:


Presentation skills

Critically studying intensive data sets

Critical evaluation

General research skills

Strong statistics and numeracy skills

Dealing with problems with multiple perspectives and so on

BSc economics is an all-rounded degree that is very flexible and deals with many aspects in the economy. Once qualified with a BSc in Economics, one may, become a statistician, a financial analyst, accountancy, financial consultancy, public sector etc.

A BSc economics course allows and grants you with a wide choice of modules with a range of theoretical or applied topics to study but they also provided with specific and specialized courses in the modules that give students a broadened understanding of economics theory

In their third year of BSc economics, students will be given specific design modules that will provide them with a clearer knowledge of the global economy and Chinese economy.

They are constantly staying up-to-date with the private and public sectors to allow students to get the feel of real life scenarios and apply their knowledge correctly and appropriately which will help them even more once they are qualified because that is exactly what their career field is all about.

Having a BSc in economics provides you with many job opportunities because most companies are impressed by the fact that you have studied overseas and achieved a successful qualification. They would be honored to have you part of their team. So it is definitely considerable if you are looking for a successful future with a wonderful career.  




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