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Top Universities For Economics

Fudan is considered one of the most prestigious universities in China. In lists compiled of the world’s most academic universities, it is not uncommon to find Fudan among the top 100. Fudan’s Economics faculty is composed of senior economists, well known throughout China. It is also the publisher of The World Economics paper, which is the top economics journal in China.


Nanchang University is an intimate school located inJianxi Province in the South EastChina. Nanchang has been dubbed “the city of heroes” this is due to the fact that it played a major role in the formation and success of the ruling Communist Party. This city has a warm subtropical climate. Winter there is not as harsh and unforgiving as other areas.Nanchang is keen on accommodating international students; its library has a large collection of 39,500 volumes in foreign languages.


Wuhan University currently has over 1500 international students. It is a popular choice for foreign students and is ranked among the top 10 universities in China. Many have referred to Wuhan as “China’s most beautiful University”. Wuhan University sits on a scenic campus with beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring and magnificent architecture, which is a blend of Western and traditional Chinese architectural style. Wuhan has a large, well-stocked library with over 5.4 million volumes in stock.


Founded in 1921, Xiamen University has approximately 2 800 international students among its large student body of 40 000. It has formed cooperative relationships with over 200 institutions both within and outside of China. It has also worked with various other universities in Europe, North America and Africa to co-establish 15 Confucius Institutes.


Many Chinese universities together with the government have worked over the years to develop quality courses to match international standards. Despite the high standard of education that these schools offer, the cost of tuition is impressively affordable. If you want to study Economics and are currently exploring your options, China is definitely a great choice.

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