Masters Program in International Relations

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Masters Program in International Relations

Master in International Affairs and Public Policy-Nankai University


International Affairs and Public Policy is the study of how countries form relationships with and interact with each other. This programme is designed to prepare graduates for careers in the field of international relations.It will provide you with the academic and analytical skills necessary to understand the contemporary world and the rapidly changing context in which international relations and foreign diplomacy are conducted. This programme will also provide you with the ability to deploy strategic foresight and encourage you to engage in the spirit of constructive dialogue and mutual understanding.the programme will equip you with the tools to make sense of the complex world around us, to think on your feet and to consider international issues and events from a global perspective.


WHY STUDY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AT NANKAI?The Zhou Enlai School of Government that delivers the programme is ranked number 1 in China. As one of the most prestigious schools in China.



Modules will include:

1.       Contemporary Chinese studies

2.       International political studies

3.       Theories of international relations

4.       Chinese foreign policy

5.       Introduction to international relations

6.       The evolution of world politics

7.       Chinese language


Course Length: 2 years

English Language Entry Requirement: IELTS: 6.0 or equivalent.

Academic Requirement: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent


Master in International Relations (dual degree with a top Chinese university)-Dual Degree - Peking University


Peking University

Peking University is national key university. The campus, known as "Yan Yuan" (the garden of Yanï), is situated at Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing.The university has effectively combined research on important scientific subjects with the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill as demanded by the country's socialist modernization.


Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of medicine, management, and education. Its aim is to rank among the world's best universities in the future.


Programme Overview

The dual degree Sciences Po–Peking University is a two-year academic program. Students spend their first year studying at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), Sciences Po, where they choose between the 7 specialised masters offered in international affairs. In the second year, students join the School of International Studies (SIS) at Peking University to study a Master of International Relations with an emphasis on security and development issues and a regional focus on China and the Asia-Pacific region.


Eligibility-The dual degree is open to all candidates worldwide.

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