Top international relations graduate programs

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Top international relations graduate programs

International Relations as a course deals with wide range of aspects that affect the world politically. The MA degree in International Relations touches upon specificities of many different areas of studies politically, developmentally and economically. Below are some of the top International Relations programs studied in China.

1.    MS. CHINESE AND FOREIGN POLITICAL SYSTEMS, Renmin University. This specialty equips students with in depth knowledge of how political systems function.

2.    MS. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIP, Wuhan University. A universal understanding of internationally diverse forms of morality, intellect and physicality of governance. It also requires students to master a foreign language at this level.

3.    MS. ECONOMICS of GLOBALISATION and EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, Xiamen University. This are of study is directed towards the understanding of international trade and European economic integration.

4.    MS. INTERNATIONAL TRADE; Xiamen University. This study is centred around finance and the part that China’s plays in this field.

5.    MS. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS and WORLD HISTORY; Nottingham Ningbo University.

6.    MS. WESTERN ECONOMICS; Xiamen University. This is directed towards the study of different governments and students can actively participate in the business.


8.    MS. COMPARATIVE POLISTICS; Fudan University. Just as the name of the course goes, it is for students who have an interest in studying foreign policies in a comparative manner.


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